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Zigong city tripod is lantern art co., LTD is a professional engaged in Lantern Festival lantern show、Lantern planning、Design、Production、Exhibition project、Cultural landscape plants and animals and all kinds of simulation、The simulation machine of dinosaurs、The dinosaur skeletons Row、Design、Development and production enterprises。The company set light、 The lights、 Lantern show、 Zigong Lantern Festival、 Lanterns 、The lamp、 The temple fair、 The celebration、Landscape、Brighten、The planning of the fountain、Design、Production、On display at an organic whole,Plastic Zigong Lantern Festival brand image、Lights the dissemination of culture,To improve the quality of the lights on is committed to explore the landscape、City sculptures, and designs city-lighting project。The company take honestly as this,To believe,To the quality to win,In order to brand tree Image! Ding is lights company is located in light city in the south——Zigong xu river water,Cover an area of an area2Mu,My company to“Good faith for this、Professional guarantee、Quality win、Efficient operation”Maximum to meet customer demand,In line with the aim of the enterprise,To the brand development、New product development as the core competitiveness。My company has gathered a large number of professional talents and skillful craftsman of engineering technology,Regardless of the time limit for a project、Are of the first-class quality and service, etc,Represents the zigong Lantern Festival“Shape、Color、...


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Make every piece of work, the tripod is high-quality goods,Art treasures

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